Tuesday, July 11, 2006

What's ISLAM 1?

In the name of Allah, the All-Merciful, the Ever-Merciful. All praise is to Allah and peace and blessings are upon his Messenger.

I’ll begin writing after ALLAH’s willing this series what’s ISLAM? For people who do not know what the ISLAM means, I read a lot of articles after what Denmark did about ISLAM, but should we stop talking about our religion should we stop introducing all over the world about our religion as we see some people do a lot of aggressive crimes by the name of ISLAM, the answer is absolutely NO.

We all Muslims repeat it again and again our religion does not motivate to violence. USAMA BN LADEN, Ayman El- Zawahry, EL-Zrkawy and so on not an image of ISLAM, ISLAM does not motivate to any kinds of violence and I as a Muslim apologize to everyone whatever his religion is has lose a friend, a father, a mother or a person s/he loves by those people.

NO MUSLIM on the EARTH can say, we allowed killing any person his/her religion not ISLAM.

NO MUSLIM on the EARTH can say, we allowed to steal your (not Muslims) money and your (not Muslims) money lawful or legitimate to us.

If someone Muslim lives in USA and he is from IRAQ, our religion prevents him/her to make any kind of violence in USA and also if USA citizen lives in IRAQ and this person not a soldier, killing him/her is a SIN, no one can not touch him/her yes I mean it NO ONE CAN TOUCH HIM/HER, nothing called that’s our right. If we want fighting we fight who carries weapon.

ISLAM urges ethics, respecting each other, fine treatment, living in peace, decreasing wars as much as possible.

ISLAM does not urge sin, pornographic things, killing, wars and so on.

ISLAM urges the loyalty to your country.

ISLAM does not urge to loud the volume of your cassette while playing a Quran record. Really what a beautiful religion urges to ethics.

ISLAM does not urge to walk in street at night and loud your sound saying let’s pray. Our religion respects the co-existence between all over the world.

ISLAM does not urge killing or insulting the leader or the president of your country

In ISLAM if Muslim leaves the ISLAM and go to another religion (S/he must be killed that’s ALLAH JUDGMENT (No one can argue in that) but not any one can apply this judgment who applies it should be charged with that by THE PRESIDENT of the country, THE LEADER of the country, THE MUFTI, etc
ISLAM is very very organized. Not as you see in a lot of places where a aggressive crimes done by the name of ISLAM

To make it more clear what happen in Palestine it’s the right punishment to Israelis who extorts our land. And what happen there it’s Palestinians rights but again NO Palestinian has the right to kill anybody outside PALESTINE. And no Palestinian has the right to kill Hungarian citizen, German citizen or else lives in Palestine.

Please do not judge on ISLAM by talking some people like USAMA BN LADEN, Ayman El-Zawahry, EL-Zrkawy or EL QA’DA formation as an Image of ISLAM

To be continued…


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